vineri, 9 martie 2018

The perfect dress

When choosing the perfect dress you need to take into account some very specific things.

When shopping from the Yoins online store, you can make the most special choices based on your preferences, like colors, model or cut which best represent you.

But do you know what are the best choices for you?

A well chosen dress need to take into account the following your silhouette and your most beautiful "assets" that you want to evidentiate, but at the same time blur as much possible the ones(assets) that you di not want to be seen or possibily criticized.

In case you have beautifully "outlined" legs, a londg dress with a deep cut will turn everyone's attention on the lower part of your body.

If your body has an "hourglass" shape, the most gorgeous sexy dresses for women in one the ends at the knee level; the accent will be on the waist.
A decolletage is required at the neck level and preferrably the dress does not have sleeves.

In case your waist is not exactly you most valuable asset, you can mask it by introuducing little detalis that would draw attention in any other direction. In this case, an example would be represented by the sleeves.

The "bodycon" type dress is that type of dress that will beautifully evidentiate your perfect waist.
So, in case your waist is your asset, in the Yoins store you will find for sure at least a dress that will be perfect for you.
In case your breasts are small ruffle in the upper side of the dress combined with elements  that draw attention on the rest of your silhouette.

If you waist is not reallyyour asset, thne avoid this type of dress and chose one that will evidentiate a nice
outlined decolletage (like this dress), while in the same time minimizing the waist visual impact.

If your have narrow shoulders, a perfect outlined waist but wide hips, the best for you would be a dress with a high waist that starts from exactly under you breasts.

If you really do not like dresses, but you want to be sexy, you can chose for the various fashion tops online section from Yoins store.
This kind of tops can succesfully replace a dress!

What fashion style do you prefer?

Do you choose your dresses based on the above criteria or you have other ways of doing so?

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