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10 advices to have the most beautiful roses in your garden!

Plant the roses during the autumn so that you will have a dream garden in the spring!

I love roses! Who doesn't?

Last year I had my first "roses experience" in my own garden. All summer they have offered me a "fascinating concert" of color and perfume.

Getting a little experience, I've decided to learn more about them so that this autumn I will be able to add special types to my garden collection.

Assuming that you want to have the best roses for your garden , I will offer you some practical advices regarding growing these wonderful plants:

  •    The optimum cuttings seeding period is between october- november(so around this time of the year)
  • Roses can be cheaper or more expensive; the cheapest ones are sold in sawdust, but they don't always survive. The conclusion would be to just buy something that has a medium  price, not necessarily the most expensive ones, but just don't buy the cheapest ones
  •         before the actual seeding, the roots need to be shortened a little and then stored for a few hours in a bucket filled with water and just a little dirt; 
  •         The hole in which you are going to plant the roses needs to be somewhat big: width:40 cm, depth: 40 cm
  •          Even if you buy plants that have roots, it is highly recommended not to expose them to cold/frozen weather; you can cover them with the upper part of some plastic bottles; when it was hotter, I've just unscrewed the cap from the top of the plastic bottles;
  •         you need to add special flower soil in the location that you are going to use to grow roses, and not only plain garden dirt;
  •         if you are in your 2nd or 3rd year of growing roses, you need to trim the plants a little. Don't overreact! In April you need to trim the their rods; if you notice frozen parts after the winter has passed, you need to carefully trim those until the "green" part;
  •         you need to combine water and special fertilizer and use it on the wet soil throughout the year;
  •         Fertilization: once after the first flowers appear and then once every 3 months;
  •         The dead flowers need to be removed periodically; if not, the growing of buds will be affected in a negative way;

Because I wanted my own dream garden, I’ve chosen


Why did I chose them?

Because here I have discovered special roses!

  • ·        Golden Delight – this one is my favorite; it is perfect for alleys and has an elegant aspect;
  • ·        Mr.Lincoln – passionate red that will create a perfect contrast with yellow
  • ·        Westernland:Climbing Rose -  I’ve chosen this  one because it is perfect for the terrace; This is a climbing rose(obviously) which will excite all my senses while drinking coffee on the terrace. The variance of its flowers is extraordinary!

 Damask Rosa for Essential Otto Oil&Jam – I will for sure invest in 5 seedlings because I love the fine rose syrup; whenever I return from Bulgaria, my bags are always full of traditional rose products. Nowhere else I’ve found such a sensual jam taste.

 If you chose the any of the above type of roses, or maybe some other ones from FAMOUSROSES.EU and  invest some time and some love, you will for sure have a wonderful garden next spring!

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